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  1. Looking up the stairs of an undergroung escalator leading up to the surface Suburban freedom

    Access denied: using the Glasgow Subway by wheelchair

    The subway can be the quickest way to get around a city. Unless you’re in a wheelchair

  2. The word Trump spelled out using the letters from Scrabble Linguistics

    What of Trump’s ‘world’s greatest person’ claim?

    The 45th president of the United States has a fraught relationship with the English language

  3. Cartography

    From village to city: the evolution of Reykjavík

    Using open data to track 140 years of growth in Iceland’s capital city

  4. Politics

    How Antonin Scalia compared with other Supreme Court justices

    Charting the swing vote in the US Supreme Court, and finding a flaw in the New York Times while we’re at it

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  1. Maps

    The Counted in southern California

  2. Maps

    Map of the buildings of Reykjavík by age

  3. Maps

    Map of child poverty in England, Scotland, and Wales

  4. Maps

    London: violent crime in 2012

  5. Maps

    How did MPs vote on the gay marriage bill?

  6. Maps

    Edinburgh’s most photogenic locations

  7. Maps

    Wind farms across Scotland

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